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Frequently asked questions about teeth

We are happy to answer all questions about Dental health. Frequently asked questions about teeth.

    How do I make an online appointment?

    There is an absolute online appointment form at the top or bottom of each page. If not, type "Online Appointment" in the search field. We will call you shortly. 🙂

    How much is the consultation ?

    We do examination for free in Perla. 🙂 Consultation, film and 3D tomography fees are not charged to all our patients. Our patients only pay for treatment. 🙂

    How can I find your clinic?

    Our locations are available on Google maps and all navigation services. You can write "Perla Dental Centre" for the central branch.

    How can I pay ?

    We give you the easiest and most convenient payment options after your treatments. You can pay by credit card and cash.

    Do I have to wait too long for appointments?

    If you have appointment times available, you will not encounter a problem such as waiting time when you come to the clinic. If you don't have an appointment, the waiting time is almost non-existent. 🙂

    Do you give a guarantee for treatments?

    We offer a guarantee for all treatments to all our patients. And we never send it until our patient leaves here satisfied.

    Frequently asked questions about teeth

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