Composite Laminate

It is the process of removing minor deformities in the teeth without cutting the teeth. With the meticulous work of the dentist, a special material for the anterior region is placed on the teeth and the teeth are reshaped. It can be used to repair broken teeth, to close small gaps, to extend the length of the teeth, and to change their color.

What is composite laminate treatment used for?

Composite laminates can be successfully used in smile design, repairing broken teeth, closing interdental spaces, extending the length of teeth, and changing their colors.

Advantages of Composite Laminate

The most important advantages of Composite Lamina treatment are:
It almost does not require shaving of the natural tooth, it is one of the preventive treatment methods.
The result of the treatment is the closest to the natural appearance.
It is a successful method in the treatment of many minor dental problems.
The procedure time is very short, it is an ideal treatment method especially for patients with limited time.
Dental veneer, veneer etc. It is a less costly process than other processes.
Aesthetic composite fillings can be applied to both anterior and posterior teeth.
Damages that may occur in contact with hard objects can be repaired, it does not require renewal like porcelain laminates.

What are the application stages of Composite Laminate?

Composite Lamina is a treatment that does not require preliminary preparation and is usually completed within 1-1.5 hours, but the application time varies according to the number of teeth to be intervened. If a carious tooth filling will not be made, it will be done without the need for anesthesia. The processes go as follows:
The dentist chooses the filling material that is suitable for the patient's tooth color.
Before the application, teeth are cleaned.
The tooth surface, which is free from bacteria, tartar and plaque, is roughened with a special method (Phosphoric acid use or filing method) to facilitate the adhesion of the Composite Lamina material to the tooth.
In order for the Composite Lamina process to take place, the tooth is covered with an auxiliary gel layer.
The creamy composite resin selected according to the tooth color is applied to the tooth surface with the help of a brush.
UV light is used to harden the material.
The cured Composite Lamina material is then converted into tooth form by the dentist.
Finally, polish is applied and the planned aesthetic appearance of the teeth is achieved.

How long does Composite Laminate last?

If the dentist's recommendations are followed, the bonding application can be used for many years. According to the data obtained, the life of the fillings differs from patient to patient and exhibits durability between 3-10 years.

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