Root Canal Treatment

The primary goal of dentistry is to maintain the patient's healthy teeth and normal chewing ability.

Sometimes the pulp inside the root canal can become inflamed due to the invasion of unwanted bacteria. In this case, the dental pulp tissue should be removed, the root canal should be cleaned and treated, and the canal cavity should be filled with a tissue-friendly filling.

Today, with the development of modern technology, endodontic root canal treatment can be done painlessly and quickly and can be completed in one or two visits in our clinic, depending on the condition of the tooth.

how make is root treatment?

An x-ray is taken to identify the problem
Local anesthesia should be applied to eliminate the sensation from the teeth and surrounding tissues.
Tooth decay is removed and access to the pulp in the root canal is provided.
Infected dentin layers in the root canal are eliminated
The root canal is then disinfected to remove bacteria.
Antiseptic is applied and left in the canal for a while to destroy the remaining bacteria and temporary filling is done.
At a second visit, further cleaning of the root canal is performed before a permanent restoration of the tooth is made.

How long does a root canal treated tooth last?

Because maintaining healthy teeth is more important for oral health, it is always better to preserve an original tooth rather than replace it with an implant or dental bridge. Therefore, root canal treatment is recommended for an inflamed tooth to restore it, rather than removing that tooth and installing an implant or dental bridge.

Teeth that undergo root canal treatment will remain in good oral and dental health for many years or a lifetime.

Factors that prolong the life of a root canal treated tooth:

Root canal treatment should be done by a specialist endodontist.
A root canal treated tooth should be covered to prevent further bacterial entry into the root canal.
Individuals should take special care of their teeth after root canal treatment and avoid eating hard foods, especially to avoid damaging their dental veneers.

What comes after root canal treatment?

After root canal treatment, the crown of the tooth should be permanently restored and the patient should be given the ability to use the tooth normally. When this restoration is done using the right techniques, it can serve the patient for many years or even a lifetime.

Will there be discomfort after root canal treatment?

The patient may feel a slight toothache for a few days after root canal treatment, this pain may extend to pain when pressure is applied to the treated tooth. This is very normal and will disappear shortly after treatment.

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